Work-Life Balance Email Series

Balancing It All

There’s not a single person on this earth who is immune to feeling the pressure to balance work commitments and maintaining a fulfilling personal life.
It’s a fact that to maintain a healthy balance between these two necessary elements of life takes a lot of work, awareness, and willingness to cooperate and compromise with prospective barriers that may arise.

Depending on your work situation and home life, this ‘balance’ will mean something different for everybody, and the first lesson is to realize that YOUR work-life balance will look different to somebody else’s (even if that ‘somebody’ is your best friend). I’ve found that the best way to figure out where you stand on all of it is to really get honest with yourself about WHERE you’re struggling.

Self-inquiry is key, especially with asking important questions to hold yourself accountable.

Do you HAVE to spend extra hours in the office, or are you doing it to avoid a situation at home?
Are you truly happy in your work life? If not, is this leading to you over-compensating in your personal relationships or struggling emotionally?

I realize that these issues are not altogether EASY to solve, and it’s for this reason that I'm hosting an email series to help you maintain awareness and motivation to keep these things in balance!

This series will provide you with daily motivation and inspiration to keep your work-life balance in check, and also prompt you towards some self-inquiry to investigate WHY and HOW any difficulties may be arising.

Balance Should Be The Top of Your To-Do List

While some people are capable of combatting their imbalances alone, I think most of us will agree that it’s nice to have a little bit of support along the way. The ‘work-life balance’ struggle is no different.

This inclusive email series will cover all you need to know about getting honest with yourself and starting to implement lasting change to achieve balance. Not only this, but you’ll be asked and encouraged to tackle these issues head-on instead of merely reading about them and moving on with your day.

This includes:

Relatable content and realistic advice
Personalized consideration

I understand your work-life situation is entirely your own. I'm here to help you work with it.

Hosted by:

Jodi Santangelo-Ash

Support Vs. Accountability

Support is important, yes, but accountability is KEY when seeking to make any substantial lifestyle changes. That’s why you’ll be encouraged to take responsibility for areas you’ve neglected and implement realistic, lasting changes for yourself during this email series!

I believe that it’s possible for everybody to experience the ideal work-life balance and I'm dedicated to helping those who are curious to learn more to do it for themselves!

Are you in?

I Can't Wait to Share More With You!